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[Pegasus Publishers] Ecliptica by TGW Becker

I received this review copy via Pegasus Publishers in exchange for an honest review

The book follows Drake, a young thief who chances upon a secret chamber under Picinto’s catacombs while running away from local authorities. Little does he know, that “chance” finding had already been foretold. In the chamber, Drake ends up meeting Zeek, possibly the last dragon in existence, and the spirit requests him to find the 6 shards of his scattered Ecliptica (dragon core) so that he may be resurrected. Persuaded by the idea of wielding magic, Drake ends up agreeing to Zeek’s request.


Aside from following Drake, we’re also introduced to four additional characters: Nethalie (a half human, half elf girl), Tre’larr (Nethalie’s father), Rossa (a bluecap that wisks Nethalie away one day), and Kalisle (Nethalie’s best friend).

I’m on the fence about how much I like this book. Part of me really liked the idea and just wants to read the sequel already! And then there’s the other part of me, the nitpicky critical side that thinks it was OK.

Characters (Nethalie)

One of the biggest reasons I feel conflicted over the book is the cast size. I feel like there are too many characters introduced and that the author wants to make them all important when they don’t have to be.

For example, Nethalie is a half-elf that Drake ends up meeting when he steals one of the Ecliptica shards her father had “disguised” among his shop wares. She initially doesn’t take much action other than chasing after him. She also tries to figure out why that specific item called out to her and finds out it’s part of the Ecliptica. Other than this surface research, she doesn’t really do anything until Rossa comes to her home and invites her out to adventure/chase after Drake.

And once they do catch up to Drake, Nethalie is (I feel), the more useless of the bunch. Her specialties lie with marksmanship and she doesn’t know how to use magic (or she may not be able to use magic, don’t really know how that works here). During missions, she doesn’t really stand out and the only thing that makes her special is the fact her mother was Luciar, one of the elves who helped save Zeek’s core after it dispersed.

Part of me wonders what the point of her character is. I feel like her being an elf and related to the royal line will play a big role later on, especially after the events at the end of the book. Still, I’m not convinced as to why there had to be two additional companions.

Characters (Kalisle)

Because having 3 explorers wasn’t enough…

Kalisle is introduced early on in the book when we learn about Nethalie. We learn that he’s her best friend but they never have a scene together. Near the end of the book he finally appears and, after finding out Nethalie left on an adventure, he decides to go after her.

There’s nothing we really know about him at this point. Does he know how to use magic? How to take care of himself out in the world? Both him and Nethalie seem to have a similar upbringing in that they help in the family business. Because of this, I feel he’s only going to be a burden, but who knows.

Overall, I don’t dislike the book. I actually like it but there are just a few things that bother me and that I hope start to make sense later on. Aside from the extra characters, I did also think our MCs were a wee-bit overpowered. Their travels lead them to the Shadow Realm where people don’t come back. Ever. But while exploring they take down experienced mages like they’re noobs.

I am really interested in the father’s involvement because I swear, there were so many hints about what could be happening with him! I even thought he might be possessed, but nothing clear just yet.

And taking all of this into account, I give Ecliptica a 3/5 stars on Goodreads. You can also find this book on Amazon for $14.99

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