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[Pegasus Publishers] The Return of Rosita by Concetta Coppolino

The book I read this time around was The Return of Rosita by Concetta Coppolino. It was 404 pages long and falls into the genre of Romance. As an FYI, I received this review copy via Pegasus Publishers in exchange for an honest review

The Return of Rosita is about a girl named Rosita who returns to her family’s hacienda (ranch) fifteen years after her father’s death to reclaim what is rightfully hers! Sounds exciting no? Because that’s why I requested this title. I pretty much grew up with stories like this but in Novela (Spanish soap opera) format, so to read one as a book seemed pretty exciting to me…Except maybe for the exciting part


I really wanted to like this book, like really, but it just didn’t happen. Why? Too many of my pet peeves in the story

InstaLove, InstaLust

The story starts off with Rosita coming to the Hacienda and passing off as Francesca, the once sickly (nearly on the verge of death) daughter of the Curro family. On page 28 she meets Don Camillo Ferrero and Angelo, on page 29 she can’t help but notice how handsome and sensual Angelo is, on page 44 their sexual frustration was thrown in my face, and even before we hit the 100-page mark, all secrets had been spilled.

And I’m just screaming because how can you trust this guy right off the bat?!

I think I would have been fine with their attraction being just that. I mean, when you walk down the road and see a cute guy (or girl), your brain quickly thinks they’re cute and you might start to check them out, but to go from attraction to spilling secrets that can potentially endanger your life/plans when you’ve only met this person for 2 whole days…well, I wasn’t really convinced.

Especially since Angelo was said to look up to Don Ferrero. You’d think that his loyalty would have been there and he’d be warring with himself (guess Chaol is one of a kind)

Rosita is Perfect and Everyone Loves Her

She took off her hat letting her long wavy brown hair fall onto her shoulders, then shaking her head she gracefully released her curly main to show its full glory

Not only is Rosita the most beautiful girl any guy has ever set eyes on, but she’s the ideal daughter, her actions are always just, she knows how to cook, work the land, does martial arts, and knows how to kill people. Actually, she can hold her own against huge guys armed to the teeth and has no injuries whatsoever.

And she always smells nice, even after working the land all day under a roasting sun. Ok, not even my mom, who is the cleanest person I know, smells perfect after working out.

Not only am I not able to connect to this Perfect Being, but it takes away from all the excitement in the story. I know everything is going to go her way. I know that if she does get hurt, it’s probably only going to be a minor wound and that there will be no consequences to her actions.

Why read this if I know the ending is going to be a happily ever after?

Technical Issues

That quote up top has a green line under the word “main” and maybe you guys thought I misspelled it but no I didn’t. I copied it as it was in the book.

There’s actually more of these little things scattered around. They’re not so bad where I have to take out my Editing Pen but there’s enough where someone like me, who can’t even spell correctly 80% of the time, notices.

There were also some Spanish words I was confused about, but I let it go since I wasn’t sure how Spanish is spoken/written in Argentina. It could just be different to what I know (kind of like color vs color)

I also wasn’t able to get into how the story was written. Most of the time the dialogue felt awkward to me, especially the use of nicknames. A lot of the important stuff was told to us like a story that spanned 2-3 pages at a time. And really, the flow was just not my thing.

It Just Is…

As I was nearing the end of the book, I felt like things just didn’t add up, but I had to accept it because (you know those arguments little kids have and one will just answer ‘because’ and that’s their explanation? yup, that’s how it felt).

Image result for confused anime boy

For example, Rosita’s mother never recognized her and the explanation was always because Donna Teresa forgot what her ex-husband looked like. She was made out to be a vain person who only married Rosita’s father for the money (but if you ask me, she didn’t really fit that mold). And really, I just always thought it was weird that everyone else saw the resemblance, even our antagonist, but the mother never did…

As a story about revenge, I felt The Return of Rosita pretty much failed. As a romance story…well, it was better. While reading it, I felt that the author was more interested in the relationship between Angelo and Rosita, and I wish they’d kept it at that.

In the end, I gave this book a 2/5 stars on Goodreads, though I was contemplating giving it a 1/5. You can also find this book on Amazon for $19.99

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