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[NetGalley] Little Pierrot Vol 1: Get the Moon by Alberto Varanda

I received a free e-copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I last posted about books outside of the Kingfountain series so I thought I’d do a couple before the Maid’s War review. First one up is Little Pierrot: Get the Moon, which I nabbed from NetGalley


Little Pierrot is a young boy with a very large imagination and his head forever in the stars. Joined by his snail buddy, the aptly named Mr. Snail, he sets off to explore the boundaries of space in a series of magical and surreal adventures: first to reach the Moon, and then the Stars… Classic comics storytelling for young readers in the vein of Calvin & Hobbes.

If it wasn’t already obvious, I picked this book up because the cover looked so nice! I’ve been fooled before into picking up a nice-cover-but-the-inside-isn’t book before, but this wasn’t such a case. I really enjoyed that the illustrations are exactly what I expected and so is the story. We have Pierrot who is a little kid with lots of questions and quite the imagination, and that’s it. We don’t really have a story. Instead, we only have little clips of Pierrot’s childhood as he asks Mr. Snail about things like Immigration/Emigration, immortality, and going to the moon

Sometimes the responses Mr. Snail gives are just simple things. For example, there’s a page where Pierrot is looking for a four leaf clover for good luck, and Mr. Snail says it’s all superstitious garbage (practically) and he proves this when it rains regardless of the clover. But then there are moments where Mr. Snail throws in some real-life situations that, if you’re an adult/older, make you really think. I feel like it’s a subtle way to get kids to start thinking about these topics without overwhelming them


The book is a decent size, 52 pages and it has quite a few illustrations inside. The art is really detailed and clean, but not flashy. It just looks like something that would take hours to do. Sometimes it follows a more comic book format with panels and sometimes it’s just a full page illustration. Sometimes there’s a question with a surprisingly deep response from Mr. Snail. And then sometimes Pierrot is just being imaginative Pierrot

I ended up giving this book a 5/5 on Goodreads because I’d be willing to buy this and add it to my collection. It was really simple and cute read and apparently, there will be a volume 2 one day

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