[Netgalley] Water Memory by Mathieu Reynes and Valérie Vernay (Illustrator)

I received a free e-copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


Finally got around to picking up some more comics. This time around I decided to check out Water Memory for the same reason I always pick up comics, the cover. So this book is about a girl named Marion who ends up moving to seaside home that her mother inherited. The house is old but Marion quickly takes to it, the sea right in her backyard, and the town, readily exploring everything. While exploring, she begins to notice carved stones with strange initials that might be tied to her grandfather, a well-known and respected man in her new home


I am so glad I picked this book up!! The story is honestly very simple but there’s just something really charming about it. The characters feel real and I don’t feel like I want to rush to the next page when Marion and her mother are doing your normal every day chores. The pacing was very well done and I never felt like we were getting filler content. I will say the cover is a little deceiving. It just looks like it’s going to be some horror filled read but it’s actually really cute (though there is some creepy stuff going on)

In terms of the art, can I just say it was amazing! I’m really used to the whole black and white of manga, and when there’s color I feel like my eyes are being blinded. In this case everything was dulled and “realistic” (instead of the really bright colors). Every time the mood changed, the colors would shift to compliment and heighten those feelings, and even when we were moving from really blue to white, the transition didn’t feel strange to me. And the texture! I’m not really sure what the medium is but I love seeing the chalky texture and if I had the physical book I’d be touching the pages, hoping to get a feel of the original


In terms of the characters, I really enjoyed all of them. Marion was really adventurous and there were many times I would scream out don’t go there, what are you doing?! because she would often times place herself in dangerous situations

The plot twist of the book didn’t feel unexpected to me as I knew there had to be some relationship between the two main characters (I just didn’t know how it would happen). I guess the only thing I was sad about was the fact that we never really saw more of the sea creature. But I guess it makes sense since this is supposed to be more on the lines of a myth

I did look this up on Goodreads and apparently there is a second book. I am definitely going to check that out once there’s an English version because we do get left at a bit of a cliffhanger. Definitely recommend this and I ended up rating it a 5/5 on Goodreads!

Right now the paperback is on Amazon for $10.39

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