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Never Too Old For Some Picture Books #1 (aka 8 Kids Books I Picked Up Recently)

Hey guys! So I have a Top Ten Tuesday post for you all. But a bit of storytime before that. So, I have really bad memory and anything in my childhood is completely lost to me, unless it was traumatic in a sense (and even then some stuff is just gone). And one of those things is books with my family while growing up


Did my mother read to me when I was a child? I’m not sure. For one, my family was rather poor when I was a toddler and kids books are expensive and at the time we didn’t have a library card. Add to that the fact that my parents only spoke Spanish in America, an English speaking country. Even now, the Spanish section at the library is very small. Trying to imagine what it might have looked like before might mean it didn’t exist at all

As I got older, maybe age 8, I know I would pick up those free Spanish newspapers that they have on the streets but aside from this, I’ve never really picked up a kids book as a kid

So instead I pick them up as an adult but because I’m not the intended target, I sometimes feel like I’m either being judged or like the point is flying right over my head. And well, here are some I picked up recently and quick reviews on them

1. Snappsy The Alligator And His Best Friend Forever! Probably


So this one was actually sent to my by the publisher but it’s one I would have picked up regardless because the art is so clean. It was a really short read but it was very enjoyable. While reading this I couldn’t help but think, we all have a Bert in our lives. Kind of that annoying friend you sometimes wish you didn’t have but that you’d actually miss if they really went away. This book spoke to me that we should treasure our friends and that even opposites can be the best of friends (and can learn from each other)

2. Teacup


Ok, so this book was so visually pleasing to me! It’s actually one of the reasons I picked it up. As soon as you open the book there are sketches and they’re all done so beautifully and delicately they almost make me want to cry. I loved that we could see the texture in every illustration and in terms of the content, not too bad. The only thing is that they text was so small and almost faded into the illustrations. As something for a kid to read by themselves, I think some context would be lost

To me this book talks about the world around us and how we interact with it: “other days were so dark that the boy longed for the stars.” Sometimes we just have really bad days and we never know when they’ll end, if they’ll end, and we wish for something happier. I also really enjoyed that the boy was on this journey for land but never realized he had it in his palm

3. I Am A Story


I picked this book up because of the title. But as I began to read it, it ended up being much simpler than I thought. It tells a story about stories and how they’ve evolved throughout time, starting as just word of mouth, then to being carved, drawn, written, and so forth. It tells how stories are powerful and how it makes different people feel, ranging from excitement to anger. In it’s own way, this is a simple but powerful read as it tells us the importance of stories, books, and voice

4. What Do You Do With A Problem?


Ok guys, no lie. I’ve been wanting to read this book for ages now! Along with What Do You Do With An Idea, which I saw first. I just LOVE the cover art and the illustrations inside did not disappoint. I loved the attention to detail, the texture, and the blooms of color. It was all so beautifully done! In terms of content, it was really nice as we get to see visually how a problem can start to take over us when we hide, ignore it, and just think too much about it instead of confronting it. Really nicely put together if a little too direct

5. Wolf In the Snow


There’s something about this book that just called out to me while I was browsing. It might have been the title, the font of the title, or even the look of the cover, or maybe all of this together. It just looks really visually pleasing. The inside illustrations, however, have more of a scrawly look to them. They’re still neat in a way, but very different from what I thought I’d get. In terms of content, we have a cute little story about two characters who get lost in the winter. One of them is the girl in the red coat and the other is the baby wolf. Instead of the girl leaving the wolf to die, she ends up helping him get to his family, which later ends with her getting stranded in the cold

I suppose the takeaway here is that we should help one another and that it should be genuine. Picking up a wolf, the little girl must have realized she’d have to confront a grown wolf, and we end up seeing this and her fear. And I think her strength and honesty is what pushed the wolves to help her when she needed saving

6. Why Am I Blue? A Story About Being Yourself


Can I just say I loved this book? For this one, the title is what caught my attention. While I’ve never felt ostracized by my peers, I have sometimes wondered about my skin tone. Especially now that I’m older and I like how this book tackles the situation of the Blue Frog and his question of why he’s blue. It’s also a question that I think is hard to answer. Still, I think this book touched on a lot of points that pertain to being different. I especially liked the end reading which is geared towards the parent instead of the child reading this book. All of it was great advice and puts the story more into context (though it’s easy to pick up the context regardless). Definitely recommended!

7. Shine!


I picked this book up for a similar reason that I did for Why Am I Blue. It just had the feel that it would be about being yourself and to an extent it did, but it was also really different. Here we have Little Hoshi who wishes to be a star in the sky so that she could shine brightly, ignoring everything fascinating around her. It gets to the point that all she does is want want and want, and then she falls into despair. I feel like this is relatable in that people tend to always want for more and don’t appreciate what they have until it’s pointed out to them. In this case, that’s what happens with Little Hoshi

I did think it was a good read but so far this is the one that I’ve liked the least and I don’t even know why

8. A Moon of My Own


This was a tough one! So I did like it. Honestly, if the moon is involved, I’ll probably like it, but this book was also the most different out of all of the ones I picked up. Instead of a book teaching us some kind of lesson on people, this one was more about the moon. At the end of it there’s even facts about the moon, activities on locations around the world, and questions little ones might have about the moon. In that sense it was a good read. For anything else…well I’d rate it a 2

And that’s all I have for now! For some reason I could have sworn I had 10 books but maybe they escaped somewhere. Still, I did think these were fun reads and of the batch my favorites visually would be What To Do With A Problem and Teacup, however, my favorite in terms of content would be Why Am I Blue?

I’m thinking the next time I do this roundup the books will be from one series (I have a couple of them in mind, since I worked in the kids section of my local library) but who knows 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Never Too Old For Some Picture Books #1 (aka 8 Kids Books I Picked Up Recently)

  1. All I can say is: one is never too old to still feel like a kid. Seriously I don’t think I will ever grow up myself, and nor do I want too 😉 This is a great selection of books:,love the cover for Teacup. Sometimes I guess a book can be judged by it’s cover. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to partially agree there. I think its like all other forms of entertainment, theres lots of junk but also lots of good stuff, we just need to find the good ones xD but i do admit i got lucky with these :3

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a great idea! It’s really nice to just admire the art in picture books sometimes, too.
    I have a similar situation. My mom DID read to me when I was younger, but I have such a terrible memory that all of the books we read and movies we watched in my childhood are just blurs to me, and sometimes it can be nice to revisit them to refresh my memory.
    I definitely want to check some of these out, they look great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Memory is a funny and sad thing xD In a way its nice to not remember bc we can just re-experience watching a fav movie or book but sometimes its like I wish I could remember 😛 def should, for one theyre really short so wouldnt even take too long to read these but also, theyre just good reads, not just for kids but even for someone older :3

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do you tend to count picture books towards your reading goal on Goodreads? I never know whether to count them or not, since they’re so short; but on the other hand they’re still books and should count. I never know what to do 😂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh i made a seperate account for that same reason 😂😂😂 So on my second acct i add all the manga, comics, and kids books i check out (and i make another reading goal there since i know i can get through was more of these lol). But maybe you can just combine it too? say read 30 novels and 100 gn/kids books so your challenge would be 130. Only youd know the breakdown but it would be a better reflection of your reads


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