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[Netgalley] What Does Consent Really Mean? by Pete and Thalia Wallis, Illustrated by Joseph Wilkins

Hey guys! So I mentioned in my latest video (and in that post possibly?) that I would be doing quite a few book reviews on the blog. Well, here is the start of that! Some reviews may be rather short (like this one) and some may end up a bit longer, hehe


consent is about feeling in control and doing things because you choose to, not because someone is pressuring you to

I ended up requesting this book from Netgalley because of the title. As a big reader of BL, a genre that has many consent issues, I was curious to know what the book would answer about consent. It’s a really short read and is very direct about answering the question. It gives us many scenarios as we follow a group of girls who talk about their sex lives and how sometimes they’re ok with something, other times not so much, and sometimes not at all. And of course, just as I was reading this and thinking ‘well what about the guy’s side?’ we get into that conversation with a group of guys. I really enjoyed this and definitely recommend it, especially for any parent that would like to talk about this with their teens

There are also some resources at the end of the book and discussion questions that I found helpful!

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