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[Blog Tour] The Voting Game by Peter Gulgowski

Hey guys! So I know I said I probably wouldn’t be doing another blog tour for a while but…I just couldn’t resist! Not only am I sort of getting addicted to joining these tours because they’re fun (heads up! two more coming to the blog~), but they’ve really been helping me stay on track with reading (and who doesn’t need help with that??) and blogging. If I hadn’t participated in these and the Creator Showcase, I probably wouldn’t have updated the blog in a while

The Voting Game cover

The Voting Game by Peter Gulgowski ● Publication Date: March 6, 2018 ● Self-published

In the year 2084, Every Interaction Counts.

Darrius Young’s sixteenth birthday brings a harsh reality: It’s time to join the Voting Game. Playing is mandatory, and each day may be his last.

In this bleak future’s society, citizens rate their interactions with one another. Highest scorers are members of an elite upper-class. An average score means you can keep playing.

Fall below average? You are taken and killed by the government entity known only as The Bureau.

Darrius has prepared his whole life for this challenge, knowing the reality he will soon face — especially after the death of his mother to the game.

But despite preparation, he’s losing — and not just the Game. Suddenly the people he loves are getting brutally downvoted and taken by the Bureau. It’s soon clear there’s a target on his back, drawn there by the Bureau itself, and Darrius has no idea why.

In a frantic race against time in a society that’s already sentenced him to death, can Darrius save himself and those around him before it’s too late?

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Honestly, when I saw this blog tour, I wasn’t sure if I should sign up or not. I’d just finished the Crimson Ash tour and wasn’t too big on wanting to read another sci-fi type story. But part of me was so curious! The summary just sounded so interesting and to have ratings like you’d see on Uber or Amazon actually dictating our lives?! I ended up caving and signed up and am So Glad I Did!

“…and then once you leave here, you’ll never meet a sincere person again. At midnight, you join the club..”

When Darrius Young turns sixteen he is taken to the Bureau to receive his clicker, a device that he will use for the rest of his life to rate every interaction he has with people. Darrius has been dreading this day because of what happened to his mother, who was taken when her score dropped. He just wants to live happily with his family, friends, and boyfriend and help out others when he can.  Except he can’t because it’s against the system. His father tells him to stick to people of his class and to mind his own business. That’s how they play the game and survive.

But nothing is ever this easy, especially when Jacob’s (Darrius’ boyfriend) ratings start to malfunction and drop, and a mysterious reporter starts asking about Emily, Darrius’ mother.

Honestly, there were so many good things in this book! Since the first pages, I instantly loved Darrius. I really enjoyed reading from his POV, his interactions with his friends and loved ones, and how real he felt. I feel like we’ve all been Darrius at some point in our lives and even when things go south, his reactions are reasonable.

But I didn’t just love Darrius. All of the characters were fun to interact with. I might have fallen a lot a bit for Jacob and his romantic little heart. I swear the two of them were so sweet together so you bet I was devastated as the story progressed. Like, my son was in danger but all I could do was read on! Another relationship I really enjoyed was Darrius and Jada, his younger sister. I always feel like there’s some sort of conflict between siblings but here the two got along fine. Jada listened to Darrius’ problems, gave him advice, and was just there for him whenever he needed it. I also had to remind myself that she was younger sometimes. She just talked and acted in a way I would expect someone older. Plus, she’s artistic, what other reason do I need to love her?

Something that I think really helped me get through this book (considering it’s sci-fi) was how easy to read this was. We get a rundown of how society works, not so much through information dumps but through experience. We see how some people would rate others low scores just because they were of a lower class (and how it was entertainment even!). Just from the summary, I was able to tell how this system could be abused and we see it, not just on an individual level, but governmental.

But if there is something I have to complain about, it’s the pacing. I think the story had a really good start but the middle starts to slow down with no real rewards for the reader. It isn’t until the last 60 or so pages that we start to really get into some action and suspense. If I hadn’t binged the book, I probably would have found it hard to come back and finish it. Still, the nice thing about it having so little action is that it made everything more realistic to me. I could really see this type of society happening and us living in it.

Overall I really recommend checking this book out. I ended up rating it a 4.5 (5 on GRs since they don’t do halves). It has a very cool concept, fun characters, plot twists, and an ending that will leave you wanting for mOre! Oh, and since I’m a fujoshi at heart, I super loved that we had a gay couple. I thought they were super sweet and had a very healthy relationship, which I think is hard to find. Plus, this is an lgbtq story not centered around coming out!! Finally, I’m finding more of these.


Peter for Voting Game (3)

Peter Gulgowski was born and raised in a suburb in Wisconsin. He began writing at the age of fourteen during a study hall session in which he had already finished his homework. Several years later, his debut novel, The Government, would become published. Mr. Gulgowski remains a student, with hopes of becoming a full-time writer. Inspired by authors such as J.K. Rowling, John Green, Veronica Roth, and so many others, Gulgowski hopes one day to join their ranks in inspiring the next generation of storytellers.

His latest novel, ‘The Voting Game’ became the #1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult LGBT Issues Fiction and is his fourth bestselling book. Currently, he is working on several new novels to be released later in 2018.

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And now here’s the fun part! As part of this tour, there are a couple of copies of the book being given out. One person will receive a physical copy (US only) and 5 others will receive an e-copy! To try to nab a copy go to this rafflecopter link (and if you don’t win, I still recommend buying a copy! p.s. This book is free to read if you have kindle unlimited!)

Aside from my bumbling mess of a review, you can also check out these reviews. I’ll be updating the links as the tour continues 🙂

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And that is all for this tour stop. Hopefully, you found this review helpful and maybe you want to read The Voting Game now too? If you’ve read this book already, let me know what you thought! Are you also excited about a sequel (which I should figure out when it’ll be released)? Or maybe you didn’t like the book? (lmk why too)

Thanks for stopping by~

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10 thoughts on “[Blog Tour] The Voting Game by Peter Gulgowski

  1. I swear, the two of them were so sweet together so you bet I was devastated as the story progressed. Like, my son was in danger but all I could do was read on!


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  2. I am extremely glad that you signed up for this tour, even though The Voting Game is from the same genre as the previous book in my tour, Crimson Ash. I know how tiring it can be to read too many of the same genre consecutively! It’s always great to have you around, and I always look forward to reading your opinion. ❤️

    That being said, I agree with most of your points! I especially appreciate how the plot didn’t revolve around the idea of a character coming out or coming to terms with his sexuality. I really think we need more LGBTQIA+ main characters in science fiction!

    Wonderful review. 🌻🌻🌻

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    1. i think this is the nicest thing anyone has ever told me, i could have sworn i was being a pest like not her again xD thank you, hopefully i can continue participating in your blog tours 🙂


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