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TBR Pile Has Increased Thanks to Audible’ s Romance Package (8 New Books to Read)

I’ve been on audible for a couple months now, but it wasn’t until just recently where I’ve been really using it. Then one day I stumbled upon a book with the letter R at the top. I was curious about what it might be but I wasn’t curious enough to investigate. Then a few days later I finally figured it out. That book belonged to the Romance Package on Audible, a monthly subscription where you had access to dozens of books in the romance genre

It took me a bit of thinking but I ended up updating my monthly subscription to include this! The main reason being that it includes A LOT of books I’ve been meaning to read since forever ago

romance package

I’ve heard a lot of good things about these and while I only quickly glanced through the romance package, I will be doing a thorough search, especially for more BL content

As of today, I’m reading Change of Heart by Mary Calmes, which is interesting so far. It’s about were-people and soulmates, but I do have to say it has some problematic things (which you can read via my updates on Goodreads). After that, I’d love to say I’ll be picking up another book on this list but I do have another blog tour to work on so I’ll be taking a bit of a detour.

But I’m curious, who else has this package on Audible? What are some books you’ve discovered and enjoyed through here? I’m not super huge on romance but I think that’s more because I haven’t found the Right One. Lol.

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