A New Start and May Plans

Does anyone feel like 2018 is flying by? I mean, it’s already May! And May is actually my favorite month of the year, not so much because of the weather or anything, but because I get to eat a lot of cake. YUP. With Mother’s Day just around the corner and even my birthday, I am rather excited.


But enough about how I’m turning into a dinosaur! Welcome to this “new blog”. I call it new only because it’s a new URL for me. All I really did was import all my bookish content from my old blog because things weren’t really feeling right. And since I’ve become more involved in the bookish community I thought, why not have a blog where book people can get book content instead of some of the random stuff I would post on the other blog.

All the links on my other blog are still working since I didn’t delete the posts (so yes, there’s a duplicate somewhere in the blogosphere!) but no more bookish content will be added to my old blog. Unless it’s anime related.

I did go over what to expect on this blog in my About section but let me summarize it here: bookish posts like reviews, hauls, and possibly more feature content, and mini movie reviews. No anime or manga posts UNLESS I get it via Netgalley or whatever I’m reading somehow ends up connected to it. So if you want manga reviews and hauls, I’d also follow the other blog.

I also decided to upload a portfolio section here as I am an art student and needed a place to start showcasing stuff. AND I added a link to my writing blog, which isn’t updated frequently. So far I haven’t decided to import it because there’s a lot of stuff on there AND I didn’t want to clutter up my menu. But feel free to check it out. I do fanfiction and original short stories/drabbles

Now that that’s been settled, up next I have my plans. I know, I mentioned not to expect anything from this blog in terms of a schedule But I do have some things I’m currently writing that you Can expect

giphy (6)


  • Sebastian (Family of Lies #1): A fantasy gay romance novel
  • The Dragon of Ynys: A short story fairytale and author interview! An LGBTQ title
  • Tournament of Losers: A gay romance novel. It has a fantasy feel but there’s no magic and it has a historical fiction feel
  • Tales of the High Court, Books 1 + 2: I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to review both of them in the same post. One of them has been in my Netgalley TBR since FOREVER
  • Red Rising: I think I’ve been reading this book for a year now…and I’ve finally finished it! A sci-fi read. I’m hesitant to call it YA because of the content (it’s Dark and Messed Up) but I did hear someone say it was…
  • The Way You Make Me Feel: This is actually part of a blog tour so expect it on May 4th bright and early! Have I started reading? Not really but I will soon

I already have reviews outlined for the majority of these and two of them are pretty much scheduled already. That is 6 reviews for this month, which means at least one a week. YOSHI


I’ve been reading nonstop for about a week or so and right now I’m taking a few days rest to finish up some homework I left for last minute and to finish up those reviews I mentioned. Still, I try to listen to a bit of something during my commute and maybe an hour before I go to sleep (if I’m not exhausted, lol)

But here’s what I plan to read this month!

  • Boy Meets Boy: I’m actually on chapter 2 for this and I’m planning to take the book with me to work! So far the audiobook is GREAT. It makes me smile like a Dork
  • Transformation: The Merman: So this one is actually a really short story, just over 2 hours of listening. I’m hoping to get this one finished up before the week is done!
  • The Bone Witch: This one is part of my Netgalley TBR and I need to finish it asap! I did already start it but I’m a little confused. It looks like we’re following the POV of two characters, the Bone Witch and a Bard. I think I might skip the audiobook and just read the physical book (which has been sitting on my desk for ages)
  • None of the Above: I have been reading this book For Ages! I believe I’m halfway through and I want to actually finish it this month. No more procrastinating!
  • The Strange Case of Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: I think that’s what this is called…but I’m reading it for one of my classes so for sure I’ll be finishing soon
  • Timekeeper: Another one that I started! I didn’t get too far in but I’m not getting good or bad vibes from it. Hopefully I end up liking it!
  • The Dam Keeper: So I actually requested this comic on Netgalley and was rejected. I ended up getting it at the library afterwards and then found out there was a short film for it. Will be reviewing soon! Also, the second volume is coming out soon. I also requested it on Netgalley, let’s see how it goes!

I don’t usually keep to my plans, especially when it comes to reading but I listed books I’m already reading so hopefully it all goes well. These are books I plan to read in May so the reviews might come out in June or late May

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Thanks for reading! Have you decided what’s going to be on your May TBR? Or are you more the type to just read as you go?



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