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Change of Heart by Mary Calmes

Hey guys! So I just have to say that I am ON A ROLL. With this book finished, I am only 2 books away from completing my 2018 Reading Challenge. Now, you might be wondering why I have it so low (20 Books) and the reason is pretty simple. It’s been Forever since I was last able to read 20 books in a year. And it looks like 2018 is going to be different



Like I mentioned a few days ago, I ended up getting the romance package on Audible and my first romance read ended up being Change of Heart by Mary Calmes. It’s actually this book that made me get the pack! The cover was very anime/manga and it was a gay romance. What more could I need to pick up a book?

And…well…it wasn’t that bad…

ALSO, I listened to the audiobook so sorry about spelling errors. I’m flying it by how I heard it!

In Change of Heart we follow Jin Rayne, 24 year old werepanther who was exiled from his pack because he was a gay Raea. While normally Raea were exalted for being rare and lucky for the tribe they mated into, Jin is looked down on by his family for being “vile.” Chased out, Jin has now been living with his bestfriend who has shown him loyalty and has been pestering him about finally finding his mate. But Jin refuses, believing no one would have him because he was a male Raea and even if someone DID have him, they wouldn’t see him as a person but an object. And then enter Logan Church, Semel (tribe leader) and possibly the soulmate he had been trying to avoid meeting his whole life

If you’re looking for a well thought out story with fleshed out characters and real danger, this is not the book to pick up. If you’re looking for an easy read with a possessive seme and lots of steamy sex, this might be your go to.

There were just a lot of flaws in this story (characters not fleshed out, story not very compelling, a world with little explanations), but the one that I had the most issues with was Logan Church. Yes, he’s hot and the embodiment of a wet dream BUT he also has very “male” thoughts of mating Jin and keeping him safe at home. He’s always on about wanting to control Jin, who he can and can’t see (though this is more inline to traditions of the Semel-Reae pair), where he lives, and whatnot. It gets to the point where you start wondering if the guy knows anything beside this. Especially this one scene that made me facepalm because is he seriously stupid?! And not far behind Logan is Jin who is made out to be the brains but ends up doing a lot of dumb things because he’s tired

Out of the bunch I have to say that Jin’s bestfriend is my favorite because you could tell he deeply cared for Jin and if I knew he could be a possible love match for Jin I would be rallying up for a love triangle (and I HATE love triangles with a passion)

I ended up giving this book a 3/5 and enjoyment was probably the only thing that saved it from docking points. While not a bad read, it just wasn’t a good one. It is part of a series of 5 books and I kind of want to read the rest just for curiosity’s sake. In terms of what to expect…I’m not exactly sure as this book felt very complete to me. Our plot was mainly Jin and Logan getting together and we even “resolved” the fued between Jin and his family. There was a mention of a future ceremony that all Semels had to attend and that Jin would be introduced as his Raea so that might be where the rest goes

The rest of the series is not part of the romance pack but I tend to have an excess of credits so who knows, I might pick it up later on~

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Thanks for reading! Have you read this book before? Completed the series? LMK your thoughts and if I should continue it! Do we disagree on some points? Agree?


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