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Tournament of Losers by Megan Derr

So I decided to jump on over to this book after reading the first two books in the Tales of the High Court series, the first one being my FAVORITE. I liked the cover for this book (doesn’t it have an anime vibe?) and the summary sounded interesting, not to mention it was narrated by the same guy. I know, I said it wasn’t that great in my last review BUT he sort of grew on me?! 



In this story we follow Rath who seems to be always burdened by his father’s debts when all he wants to do is live his life as peacefully as he can. Unfortunately for him his father really mucked up this time and the only way to quickly pay off the new debt is by participating in the Tournament of Losers, dubbed so by the people of the kingdom. A tournament that happens every 75 years and that starts with 1,000 participants vying to marry into royalty and ends with only a handful still standing. Tradition states that it’s a way to bring new blood to the throne but really all the royals dread this moment and to remedy things, send in their own participants (which is against the rules)

Rath told himself he would never participate in the tournament but beggars can’t be choosers and he’s only got 3 days to pay off the debt unless he wants his body in the river. He promises he’ll opt out of the tournament once he gets the prize money for beating the preliminary rounds but things get a bit more complicated

I think the only reason this book didn’t get a solid 5 from me is because the main pair wasn’t my type of dynamic (they were disgustingly cute which I don’t mind but just too soft for me) and because it felt too linear. We had Rath who needs to get quick money, he joins the tournament, and then goes through the different tiers in the tournament, and then along the way he gets the guy. The end. We got a bit of deviation but that was basically the whole story. Also, there was something that was just glaringly obvious to me (and I’m sure most/all readers) that wasn’t discovered until the end by Rath. Part of my facepalmed because how did you not notice?!

I guess one way to say it is that the book lacked Oomph, Feels, Excitement. I never really felt like Rath was going to lose and honestly, he was a little normal. Which is good but also not exciting

Still, I did enjoy reading it and wouldn’t mind a copy on my shelves!

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Like always, thanks for stopping by! Have you read this book? What did you think?


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