[Netflix] La Forêt

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of live action/real people shows and movies, courtesy of my mom. One of those shows was “La Forêt”, a French drama about a small town where there’s a killer targetting young teenage girls. Of course, things get a bit more complicated when one of the girls they end up kidnapping is actually the daughter of one of the police officers.la foret netflix


I ended up watching it in Spanish and WOW the dub was really good. Like, there are some bad Spanish dubs (I have to say, the ones with the Spanish accents are usually my least favorite because they feel less integrated) but this one was pretty good!

It was also pretty different from movies that have those “obvious intros and here’s the plot people”. This one felt more like we were just dropped into this town where some strange stuff was happening and then the mystery just starts. It also ends “abruptly”. The case does end up being solved, but like real life, things just continue. I also really liked how gritty this series was and how everyone felt human, nobody was perfect, and we even touched on some more adult themes. We never really followed one person. It was more like this girl was kidnapped and it changed many peoples’ lives, though there was some focus on one of the teachers who I believe should be like a detective or something. She moved along the investigation rather well, not just because of how inquisitive she was but because (as we later learn) she was also part of the case. A loose thread so to speak.

The series is six episodes long and I really liked how to the point and short it was. One of the reasons I don’t like watching tv series is because they DRAG, especially if it ends up on Netflix, but this was the perfect length and I ended up rating it an 8/10!

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Like always, thanks for stopping by! And if anyone has watched this mini-series already, what did you think about it? And if you know of any similar shows, let me know~


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