August in Review: Blogging, Life, and Goals

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog for a bit of a different post. I’ve actually tried to do these consistently since 10,000 years ago but I always seem to fail at writing them. With my rather long summer hiatus, I thought I’d (you know) start them up again. Sort of like a fresh start. Plus, I actually wrote stuff this month (surprise!). I tend to have these random months of energy but please don’t get used to them. I normally don’t spit out so many reviews a month

But what exactly went down here?

I went through my book review backlog!

I think I have about 20 books on my Netgalley shelf and a couple others on my Pegasus Publishers shelf. I know, I’m such a terrible person, but what can I say? My eyes are bigger than my self-restraint! And in order to motivate myself in reading more from this pile of goodies, I decided to partake in the 2018 Netgalley Reading Challenge

I participated in a blog tour!

Honestly, while blog tours can get a bit stressful because I’m the most last-minute person out there, they’re also a blessing. It’s because of BTs that I’m so close to finishing my Goodreads reading challenge of 30 novels this year (I upped it after I reached my initial goal, hehe). But I didn’t just do a review. I also did a short Q&A that I hope you guys find humorous and fun ^^

  • [Blog Tour and Quirky Q&A] Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss: While I didn’t rate this novella a 4/5 or more, it was a really nice read for anyone who wants something short and fluffy. Like, this is Major Fluff. There’s also some great representation here: panromantic aro female x chubby Hispanic female and they each have their own mental health struggles (ADHD and anxiety). Plus, there’s food!

Did my first collaboration post on this blog!

i feel pretty 3

Yup! You guys heard it correctly. I’ve never really done a collaboration post before but OneSideofMakhail contacted me about reviewing a movie I’d been excited about earlier this year and BAM, it happened. In summary, we both ended up watching the movie and reviewed it on each other’s blogs

  • the typical viewing: I feel Pretty: OneSideofMakhail is really good about breaking down the pros and cons of a movie and I recommend checking out his blog for more movie reviews. He’ll definitely make sure you get your money’s worth
  • Crimson’s Typical Viewing: I Feel Pretty: And this is the review I wrote for the movie, which you can find on his blog. While I tried to outline the pros and cons, I can’t help but admit that I talked more about the messages that the movie (possibly) tried to convey but didn’t. Oops! If you’ve watched the movie, LMK what you thought!

My first Review Request?!

the gilded king banner

You heard that right guys! I’ve officially opened up to review requests because, honestly, buying books is a little tough for me right now. And of course, I just had to land the JACKPOT

But storytime real quick: My deadline for reading this book was before the end of September. And you know, for about a week I thought we were already in September (which makes NO SENSE because that would mean I was in school but I was at home…) so I kept telling myself to hurry up on that review. Then one day I actually looked at a calendar and realized we were in August! But it was too late. In my head, the deadline had changed from “end of September” to “end of this month” because of my earlier blunder. So basically I posted this review yesterday thinking I had waited last minute but in actuality, I’m a month early

I know, my derpiness surprises me too sometimes

  • [Review and Exerpt] The Gilded King by Josie Jaffrey: This was a really good read, especially if you’re into vampires, romance, fairytales, and zombies? Yup. Oh, and book 2 is coming out in October and if that still sounds like a long wait, there are 4 prequel books! And to make the deal even sweeter, The Gilded King is ON SALE right now

My YouTube Channel is Still Dead, But…

While I was browsing I found this video of me from April (still in the dorms), talking about The Kingfountain Series by Jeff Wheeler. I’ve actually already reviewed the series on my blog but since the video exists, I thought I’d upload it. Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more stuff (eventually) and like the video if you liked anything I said



I’m not sure if this function was already on WordPress but now we can save posts. That is such a godsend for roundup posts where I want to share everyone’s lovely posts but am cursed with a bad memory! Unfortunately, this function doesn’t work on my desktop. WHY wordpress, WHY?!

I know I didn’t even graze the iceberg of blog posts out in the blogosphere, so if you found something interesting that you’d like to share, definitely leave a link in the comments section ^^

Life Updates & Goals


Classes start next week! Yes, it’s finally that time of year again. My brother actually started going to school like a week ago and it sounds like other college kids have done the same elsewhere. And I’m the last one.

But yes, I can start moving in on Saturday and I’m actually packing my car today. I already made a list of things I shouldn’t forget but chances are I’m going to forget something else. Eek! For this quarter I also decided to stay in a different dorm building. I think I’m more nervous about that then actual classes starting. Speaking of classes, I’m *crosses fingers and prays to Satan* going to be a full-time student this quarter. Or at least until I can figure out if I can afford it (my financial aid is still processing). And I still need to find a job! I wasn’t able to find anything over the summer but I can’t not find something this month!! Otherwise, I won’t be able to eat Orz

But what’s the point of this story? Well, for one, to say I’m excited about starting school but also to say that my productivity might fall a bit in terms of the book blogging scene. Still, this does mean I’ll be uploading more university, Chicago, and art related posts in the coming months!

Oh and since I’m already talking about school, I got accepted to be a Study Abroad Ambassador! I have no idea exactly what that means but I do like the idea of working more closely with study abroad at my school ^^

But what can you guys expect to find on the blog next month? 


CONFIRMED: You can expect these posts nice and early on the dates I’ve marked

  • 9/1: Reign of Mist Blog Tour and Tweets!
  • 9/4: Alice in Zombieland book review
  • 9/8: Gudetama’s Guide to Life and Eggsistential Thoughts Review
  • 9/10: What the Woods Keep Blog Tour

DRAFTS: These posts have an 80+% chance of being written and posted!

  • The White Rabbit Chronicles series reviews
  • Crimson Talks: Harems (on My Fujoshi Life)
  • Little Pierrot review for books 1 to 3
  • The Girl From the Other Side first impressions (on My Fujoshi Life)
  • My Hero Academia impressions up to volume 15 (on My Fujoshi Life)
  • Throne of Glass book review

Other Goals: Blogging related and lifestyle

  • I hope to start doing exercise more regularly. Ideally, I would go to the gym down the street since I’m technically paying for it (tuition) but I’d also be happy with just taking regular walks, to start off with
  • Tied in with exercise, I need to up my water intake and eat a bit more healthy!
  • As soon as classes start I want to start doing a sketch a day and at least one painting every week. I really need to get into the habit of actually doing art
  • In terms of my blog, I’d like to start doing more bilingual posts (Spanish)
  • I’d also like to start reading and commenting on more blogs!
  • Try to actually journal the whole month. I already did the calendar and the habits logs (because it looked fun) but I need to stick with it!
  • Update my podcast because it’s SO DEAD
  • Film one more video (first impression and recap) and edit the global walking videos I started to do over the summer

Aside from reviews, I do have a couple discussion and list related posts I plan to do but they’re still just random ideas in my head and might not be ready for September. I need to sit down and just plan how they’re going to be working, lol. With these goals, I’m at 10 posts this month, which is double what I would normally aim for

As always, thanks for stopping by! And WOW, this post got really long. Usually, they won’t end up this long but if there was anything in bold, it means the posts appreciate any love you guys can give. And if there’s something you guys want to share (be it links, goals, recs, other thoughts) feel free to drop it down below

Enjoy my content? Want to support me? Feel free to follow me on social media (FB, Twitter), like this post, share it, and/or leave some comments so I know I’m not just screaming into the void! You can also support me by buying me a coffee ^^

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Crimson is an aniblogger on wordpress who can't seem to stop fangirling about all the lovely bishies. When not writing content for the blog (and consuming media), Crimson can be found in bed with a hot cup of tea by their side, sobbing over fanfiction (or maybe even writing it)

6 thoughts on “August in Review: Blogging, Life, and Goals

  1. Clo @ Book Dragons

    Welcome to the ranks of being a Bookdragon *salutes you* remember, hoard books, hoard shiny things, travel to far lands and ignore ppl who call you a bookworm *sniffs* such an insult to us dragons 😉
    Seriously though, thank you for sharing my post, I’m so glad you loved it ❤ Ah you mentioned wanting to expand into posting some stuff in Spanish, I wish I was able to read in another language. Might have to slowly start learning some languages just so I can go read blog posts and comment in that language – feel like that would be fun xD but also a lot of work and do I have time cause I'm a #procrastinator hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. crimson613 Post author

      *salutes back* YAS!! i am ready xD

      and no problem, i actually liked quite a few of your posts but i try to share from different people otherwise i would have linked to like a week’s worth of your posts xD and Same. I’ve been trying to learn japanese for 10,000 years and just, i can say hi. RIP. i used to know how to introduce myself and my major but i didn’t keep up with the little japanese i knew and well, now idk anything anymore Orz

      the only reason i know spanish as “Well as I do” is bc i speak it at home :”) but don’t give up, we might learn it, eventually??? xD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kaleena @ Reader Voracious

    Thank you so much for sharing my post, young grasshopper, and I know that you have got this Edelweiss thing! YOU CAN DO IT!

    I think it would be really cool to see posts in Spanish (or maybe English and Spanish – I have a friend that has all her posts translated into Dutch), because that does increase accessibility for Spanish readers.

    Best of luck with uni and getting your financial aid sorted! I work for the uni I am an alumna of, and it is so weird seeing so many people going back to school because our quarter doesn’t begin until the end of the month LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. crimson613 Post author

      oh wow! they move in so soon? i wanted to move in sooner but they had me wait until only a few days before classes start xD

      and thank you! i’ve started to get the hang of it, a bit. But it just looks SO WEIRD. i’m used to a different format and to see everything just sort of crammed on one page is a little scary?? if that makes sense xD

      ohhh nice! i actually started doing translations of some of my posts on my other blog but stopped bc it’s TOUGH. i haven’t really written much in spanish since i graduated HS and that’s been awhile. still, i think it would be fun to start doing that again 🙂 for me it would be a way of practicing my spanish but i’d also be expanding my readership :00 i think i only know of one other blogger friend who has translated some of her posts and she does them in Portuguese. even if i don’t really understand it, i think it’s fun to just see it x)


  3. Kristina

    Thank you so much for including my posts ❤
    I'm participating in my first blog tour too on the 6th !! hopefully you had fun 🙂 and goodluck on thoses NetGalleys- also your goals and school !

    Liked by 1 person


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