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Hey! Thanks for stopping by to my book specific blog, Crimson Talks Books, Mostly. I have been debating for a while if I should separate this content from all my anime and otaku-ish content. In the end, I decided to go for it, especially since I’ve become more active in the book blogging community

I would love to say I’ve always loved reading but that’s not the case. Before 8th grade, the thought of reading brought about headaches and groaning from me. I HATED it. But then I had a teacher who placed a lot of emphasis on reading and introducing us to new content and also letting us pick the books we wanted. It was then that I started to fall in love. This was also the beginning of my “reviewer” career since reviewing books was part of our curriculum. It’s also because of this beginning that I am very unfamiliar with a lot of classic children’s books (like Dr. Seuss) and really any popular books before I entered high school (like Harry Potter)

Since then I’ve been charmed by books, buying them in bulk and reading them whenever I can. My favorite genre has always been fantasy and as of late I’ve been in love with gay romance novels (I’ve decided to expand from yaoi manga to novels)

And speaking of yaoi. Because I was an otaku and fujoshi before I was a book lover, I will usually call m/m books boy’s love or yaoi, and f/f books girls love or yuri. Are they called something else? I don’t know but please let me know!

Aside from posting my reviews on this blog, I also post them on Amazon, Audible, and Goodreads.  I also post short blurbs on Litsy (crimson613) and Instagram when I remember

The Blog And What to Expect


I’ve been blogging long enough to realize that I shouldn’t expect a lot from myself. Yes I love to read but trying to spit out posts on a schedule always turns into a train wreck

So I won’t be blogging on a schedule per se. Let me explain

The schedule I’m running with right now is:

  • Mondays will host movies and tv reviews (or related posts)
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays will have book reviews (or related posts)
  • The first and third Fridays of the month will be discussion posts (any topic)
  • Saturdays will focus on comics, graphic novels, and kids books. You might also find novel reviews on this day but the focus is anything picture dominant

Even though I have the days split up like this doesn’t mean I post content on all of those days so please don’t expect 20 posts a month from me. It just means that all my movie reviews will be found on Mondays. And you might not find anything happening on the blog on Wednesdays and Sundays. I’m a super sporadically blogger (I’ve finally embraced the fact) and sometimes I only do 1 post a week, sometimes 1-2 posts a month. It really depends on if I’m reading or if I’m in a slump. However, if (let’s say) I end up with an excess of reviews (highly unlikely) because I’ve been a diligent reader (ha!), you might end up seeing up to 2 posts a week! I’ll always try to scatter posts so that it looks like I’m active and organized…

Aside from book reviews, which will honestly be the bulk of this blog, I will also try to write more discussion based posts (I’m not 100% sure how these will work yet), and even lists. Right now most of my children’s book reviews will be posted as lists

But book related stuff isn’t the only content that will end up on here, which is why I added the “mostly” part of my blog’s name. I will also be posting movie reviews. I would LOVE to post them soon after I’ve watched them but I tend to procrastinate a lot with these. I’ll also be posting about some of my creative endeavors, usually having to do with art and writing. These are even rarer than my regular posts.

Really, it’s all up in the air right now

What you will NOT find on this blog is anime, manga, and other otaku-ish culture since I already have a blog focusing on that stuff elsewhere

Rating and Reviewing Books


A lot of the books that I will be reviewing are books that I receive from Netgalley as purchasing books is a tad expensive (but I do read for fun!). I also review books that I get through blog tours and sometimes even some publishers (oh I have no idea what I did to be so blessed). And well…the reason I’m mentioning this is because I want to make it clear that I am reviewing books honestly and nothing will change that. Yes I might get them for free but that doesn’t mean they’ll get good ratings. I also bold this because I do take tips (aka donate via Ko-fi) as I do believe that reviewers can be paid to write reviews while still being honest

As to what I go through when reviewing books:

  • Was the story good?
  • How was the pacing?
  • Were the characters relatable and fleshed out?
  • Did I have fun reading?

I usually talk about all of this in my reviews. If I really like a book it will fall somewhere in the 4 to 5 range. If it’s an average read it might get a 3 (at this point how much I enjoyed reading it might bump it up to a 4). Anything with a 2 star means I wasn’t a fan of the book and I’ll explain why. I’ve yet to rate a book a 1


I do not own any of the media used on this site like screenshots, gifs, music, and more (unless I explicitly say so). I just use them for review and fangirling purposes. If you find something that is yours and you’d like for me to take it down LET ME KNOW and I’ll do so immediately! Likewise, all the photographs I take are MINE and cannot be used or edited in any way by others. These will mainly be found in the portfolio section

The blog also has affiliate links littered around. I would seriously appreciate you guys using those links if something I review catches your fancy. While I’ve yet to implement any ads on the blog, it is something I’ve considered doing down the line as a way to monetize the site. Afterall, we all have bills to pay. If you decide to buy anything I link to, be aware that I take no responsibility for the condition of your purchase or what you may find on the other side of that link. Ideally, you’ll find what I was talking about though

And just to hammer it down again: All my reviews are my own and my honest opinions. Receiving books for free or getting monetary compensation doesn’t change this.


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