Crimson as an Art Student


Chicago • Art Student • She/They
BFA – Art, Media, and Design / Studio Art / Drawing, Painting
Minors: Illustration & History

Oh hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m known as Crimson but if anyone is curious, my human name is Lisette. This space is supposed to work as a portfolio for my art but also as a documentation of my journey as an art student. Under this tag, you can find a few posts about me living on campus, doing some work, and just having fun (though it gets a bit hectic so I post when I can).

Art is something that I’ve always been doing. As a kid, I liked to draw and color, preferring to doodle than playing with dolls or cars, but it wasn’t until I took an art class in high school when I first considered making art my career. After some ups and downs, I finally settled to go do art at university. I enrolled in the Art, Media, and Design program with a focus on Studio Art at DePaul University with the intention of learning how to draw and exploring more mediums. Since my first year at DePaul, I’ve learned a great deal and I’m super grateful to all my professors.

Some artists that I really look up to are Makoto Shinkai, Mamoru Hosoda, Kashima Chiaki, Kurahashi Tomo, Yana Toboso, Kang Jiyoung, Mum, Eerun, Zec, Jimmy Kim, Califlair, and many others. Many of these artists are self-published but there are some big names in the anime and manga industry.

Aside from this I also like to dabble in photography, cosplay (mostly prop making), and story writing. Recently I’ve also started doing a podcast!

Art related pages and tags

Living on campus posts

Digital Photography Gallery #1

Senior Capstone: Identity (American Dream, 2015)



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